The Ocean Labs office was a petrie dish of innovation, brainstorms, intellectual conversation, experiments, and guitars. Ocean Labs was running three startup Apps simultaneously, trying to find strong Product Market Fit with one of them to scale it.

Jerome left his best-paid job to date as an agency web developer to work for Ocean Labs on minimum wage – It just seemed worth it.

We managed a series of focus groups for Loci App, and revealed pivotal information about the stickiness of the App. Further, we managed their experimental Facebook ad campaigns (alongside other marketing), and recruited three part time ambassadors to aid us with Business Development.

As one of our earliest clients, with whom we have an ongoing relationship, we started off by setting up simple website in 2010.¬†As of 2016 we’ve launched the sixth iteration of the website as part of a wider marketing overhaul, with CMS, SEO and full technical support. Business cards, brochures and email services were also made and managed.