Startup Strategy

We are great advocates of Lean methodology and have a range of experience in early stage startup, starting from our times running UCL Entrepreneurs’ Society. This puts us in a good position to advise new entrepreneurs on how to cost effectively develop and build their idea.

Web Design

Our web design portfolio speaks for itself. We will turn your combination of visions into a concept that we want you to love. We follow modern design trends and make use of the latest concepts and ideas to help send your message.

Software Development

We’re equipped to build in rails, and work closely with an app developer, which allows us to offer a more complete solution for your technical needs. If our build style is not right for your product, we’re happy to recommend your best options and suggest where to look.

Graphic Design

With a new graphic designer on board, we’re able to create a range of graphic design solutions, from Print media to Logos to Illustration and UI design. We’d also love to pitch you an ad, as we are following this space closely and think we can come up with some great concepts!